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  1. The moon enters Leo today.
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The moon enters fun fire sign Leo, encouraging you to connect with friends, enjoy your hobbies, and participate in causes you're passionate about.

The moon enters Leo today.

Your ruling planet Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, inspiring a romantic and creative energy. You're finding beauty in the most common, everyday places. The moon enters Leo, a sign that loves to be in the spotlight, and you're receiving recognition for your hard work. Sweet Venus connects with mystical Neptune, inspiring a deeply romantic and creative energy—enjoy!

Sagittarius Rising ~ Decans 1, 2 & 3

It's a powerful day for bonding. The moon enters fellow fire sign Leo today, inspiring you to begin a new journey. You're in the mood to travel and eager to learn new things. Sweet Venus connects with creative Neptune, inspiring a whimsical energy that's wonderful for deep emotional healing. Engage in your spiritual practice! The moon enters fierce fire sign Leo today, encouraging you to be courageous in the face of big changes.

Charming Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, inspiring a whimsical and creative atmosphere, especially in your social life. A love letter may come your way! Your attention turns to your relationships today as the moon enters passionate fire sign Leo. Lovely Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, encouraging a creative atmosphere that bodes especially well for your career. Take risks with your ambitions and treat yourself to an offbeat gift. From the 15th onwards, Mars, planet of initiative sits close and you chase up leads that there was never time for before.

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People find you fit and focused, and they are drawn to your inspiring power. Your forthright Aries style is perfect for creating new contacts and getting noticed. Venus, planet of love, is in your sign and socializing takes your highest priority.

You enjoy stretching out in company, and a crowd with a twist of the unusual is where it is at. From Friday7th onwards, lovers and friends are acting unpredictably and you look around for alternative arrangements.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Maybe you are feeling wistful about an old flame and you wonder what they are doing now. Check them out. Your old style of relating needs some modification and you are compelled to find a different footing.

Boldness works its magic, so no problem for you at all. Vibrant colours always suit you best, especially scarlet, and the Aries New Moon on Thursday 26th is a brand new start for your image. Your steadfast Taurus qualities never go out of style and sometimes nothing else will do. Friends come to you for romantic support and helping out gives you future credit to call on. Your career plan is going sweetly too and you can assume whatever role you choose. Even through an apparent detour in your progress, you glimpse a deeper purpose, and greater freedom as a result.

Jupiter, planet of prosperity is at the top of your chart and thinking big and bold is the way forwards. Make lists of things to do before the 15th and tick them off one by one.

October 28 zodiac

Picture the best scenario and watch it unfold. A professional path involving close attention and study sits easily with you and the prospect of travel opens up. Saturday 28th is your peak moment and people are swayed by your fun-first point of view. Strike out on a maverick path this March and fulfil your individual dreams. It is ultimately less risky to try something new than to expect everything to remain static and stable.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope February 5-12 2018 Astrology & Tarot

Options to fly away somewhere open up, but allow yourself wriggle-room when making travel plans with friends. After the 6 th, someone pulls out at the last minute, or else you yourself have a change of heart. You will be happy you gave it a go. By Monday 9 th you add a clever career strategy to your repertoire and you are not afraid to speak up about what you know. Someone is giving you hints and signals but not letting on their true message. Taking your relationship back to the beginning is the way to reach proper understanding.

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